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"We dedicate ourselves to the teaching and appreciation of Lakota ways.In doing so - we not only lift up our students, we also uphold our great people."

~Tilda Long Soldier- St.Pierre

Master Artisan, Founder

Founded in 2001, Cloud Horse Art Institute is dedicated to building individual human assets as well as community or tribal assets. 


In the nomadic life of the Lakota People, children were constantly exposed to all of the technology necessary for that life way and barter economy. According to oral history almost all young people acquired through observation and practice specialized skills in making something that would be useful and attractive to others. 


Their product, whether bow, drum or war quilled robe had a trade value and thus could help sustain a family. In this aspec,t little has changed. There are still many inexpensive Lakota crafts being made and sold to tourists, however the bed rock arts like Hide Painting or Porcupine Quillwork, so important to maintain a culture are being learned by very few people. Something must change; a new more proactive approach must be developed.  


It is out of this belief that Cloud Horse Art Institute was dreamed into being and founded by Traditional Lakota Artisan Tilda Long Soldier-St.Pierre and named after her Great-grandmother, Ella Cloud Horse.


People of all ages need new skills and have a desire to learn, so most of our classes are open to all ages. 


It is also our desire to offer workshops in more contemporary non-Lakota arts such as dance, theatre, writing, film, sculpture, painting/drawing, pottery, etc. under the belief that all humans are inherently talented and should be allowed the opportunity to explore the many means of creative expression.



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Cloud Horse Art Institute

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